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Benefits of Hooping

Published: 26 Jan 2013

Hooping has many benefits

With the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kelly Osbourne, Beyonce, Liv Tyler and Zooey Deschanel all Hooping to keep in shape, Hooping has become the new fitness craze on both sides of the Atlantic.

Hooping has many benefits that is helping its popularity rise as a way to exercise with not just celebrities giving it a go, hundreds of people all across the UK are trying out this low impact exercise.

Hooping burns calories

A study carried out by The American Council on Exercise found that Hooping can burn approximately 210 calories per 30 minute session and the Hooping falls within the accepted guidelines for exercise that contributes to weight management.

The study shows that on average Hooping burns 7 calories a minute with an average heart rate of 151 bpm (beats per minute).

Compared to other group class workouts Hooping compares pretty well in terms of calorie burn and heart rate.

With the variety of movements in Hooping it could be considered a full body workout and has the potential to improve your balance and flexibility as well as improving your core strength, toning the muscles in your back, legs and arms.

You can read the full study here:

Strengthens and Tones Body

Hooping works several of your core muscles. Your abdominal muscles, hips, thighs, glutes (your bum), legs and knees will all get an entire workout. Hooping around your arms will tone your shoulders and forearms. The constant pull and push motion of Hooping stretches the muscles building the strength and definition of the muscles and burning the fat around them. Your balance and coordination will also be improved through Hooping.

Increases Fitness Level

Hooping is an aerobic workout that has similar benefits to other cardiovascular exercises. It increases your heart rate, strengthens the cardiovascular muscles and works up a sweat. The continuous movement of the body improves blood circulation. Being a low impact activity it should not cause injury and because it can be done anywhere at any time continual hooping will improve your aerobic endurance. As with all regular exercise you will also benefit from increased energy levels.

Hooping Builds Confidence

Hooping is a fun easy exercise and as your fitness level increases you will look and feel better. Your stress levels will reduce and you will feel better within yourself.

With so many benefits to Hooping it’s no wonder that so many people are taking up Hula Hooping as a new form of exercise. It’s easy to learn, low impact, fun, social and will not break the bank. You can Hoop on your own at home or join a local class and enjoy the social benefits of the Hooping community.

To find your local class why not visit our Hoop Class section.  As your hoop confidence builds you can also travel to many national and international annual hoop events which hoopers flock to to share their skills.