The UK's Hooping Network

What is Hooping UK?

Hooping UK, the place for Hooping.

Hooping UK's mission is to help everyone learn more about Hooping and its benefits and to enable the Hooping community to connect and share their experiences and achievments.

Hooping UK helps you learn all about Hooping, find a local class or instructor and enables you to create a Hooping profile so that you can find and make friends, ask questions or get advice about Hooping or tell the Hooping world about your acheivements.

We have even created the Hoop Charts™ for you to keep on top of what is hot right now in the Hooping World, from music to fashion and more.

The Hoop Charts™ items are voted for by the users of Hooping UK, the more Love's an item gets the higher up the chart it appears.

All you need to do is click the Love button to cast your vote.

If you find something on the site you Love you can hit the Love button to show your support.

Tell us about your Hooping journey we would love to know how Hooping has changed your life!