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Sunday, 15 October 2017
11:00am - 14:00pm
dottie woods, Romsey, BROADLANDS ESTATE, HAMPSHIRE, SO51 9ZD, Get Directions

About the class


As a Counsellor I have been in the privileged and special position of working with clients that have been affected by cancer and bereavement for the past nine years.  Sitting with people in their most difficult days has been an honour that is only given to a few and I have been acutely aware of the importance of the role that I was trusted with.
Listening to many different stories all unique and individual to each and every person yet linked together with the disease that is cancer has sometimes been a trust that is hard to bare. Listening and sitting with someone is the greatest gift any human being can give and the difference it can make can be life changing. The listener also receives a gift that is hard to describe other than heart felt.
As a newly qualified fitness instructor, I was persuaded by Braishfield resident Kate Marshall to take on the Zumba class at Braishfield Social Club, I’m sure the delicious coffee and cake from the Braishfield Pantry swayed my decision!!!!  In fact the class was so much fun and a real hoot that ‘Hula Hunnies’ were born
So from Counselling to hooping to charity! Hula Hunnies supports local charities by raising awareness and funds by ‘Hooping 4 Happiness.’  This year we have already supported Haven Breast Cancer, Where there’s a Will, Mencap, Cancer Research, Wessex Cancer Trust and Jane Scarth House.
Our biggest challenge yet is to hold a Guinness World Record attempt at Broadlands on Sunday 15 October for Macmillan Cancer Support for 500 people!!  You may soon see our beautiful posters designed by local artist Jenny Maizels around Hampshire.
As a professional counsellor it is so important to have regular supervision to ensure that one is working in the clients best interests and working within strict boundaries and guidelines. It is also there to keep the counsellor safe and not overstretch their capabilities and maintain their own self-care.
I have been extremely lucky to have been supervised and trained by Kim Fielder who initiated Jane Scarth House in Romsey over twenty years ago as she realised the importance of psychological support for clients and families.  Kim has been a great inspiration to me as its people like her who are able to make great changes in our communities. Volunteers spend hours and years working voluntarily to make the world a better place, they see a need and rather than wait for someone else to do something, they take great immediate action.
I have seen the work that centers like Jane Scarth House and Macmillan do first hand.  Clients were able to have access to many different therapies all free of charge, such as counselling, yoga, specialist bra and wig fitters, Nordic walking, massage, nutrition, information on equipment and grants.  This can make an incredible difference to clients who often come back into the centres with words of appreciation and thanks.
The reason I want to hold a Guinness World Record of Hula Hooping is to say thank you to the people that have shared their stories with me.  Thank you to the people that trusted me with their dying thoughts. Thank you to the grieving that allowed me to sit with their grief. Thank you to the people that have shared their healing stories. Thank you to the people that are living with cancer who share their inspiring story’s with such dignity.  Thank you to the volunteers I have worked with who give tirelessly to provide an emotional lifeline.
I have worked with clients that have inspired me to try and be a better person, live with no regrets and take chances.  Clients have shown me how to be vulnerable, brave, trusting, caring, sharing, giving, accepting and above all that love is all that matters in the end and in the future.
Please join us at Broadlands on Sunday 15 October 2017 to support Macmillan Cancer and win a Guinness World Record!!
CAN’T HOOP – DON’T WORRY – A Taster Class in September will be your chance to try!! with FUNDS directly going to Southampton Talking Echo, for people with sight loss. 07791 492223
Newsflash: Race for Life 09/07/2017 we raised £1,122.50 plus £243.83 gift aid – Well Done Hula Hunnies!!!