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Summer Programme 2018: speciality course in *MULTI-HOOPING*

Thursday, 26 July 2018
19:00pm - 20:00pm
Oddfellows Hall, 131 Newmarket Road, Cambridge

About the class

Many beginners want to pick up a second hoop but sometimes it gets confusing - do not fear! On this short, 3 week speciality course, you will learn how to spin two hula hoops on your hands, and more than one hula hoop on your body! A fantastic discipline, a core exercise in disguise. This is an art form, but also great fun.

VENUE: Oddfellows Hall, 131 Newmarket Road
PRICE: Just £35 per person
DISCOUNT: Sign up with friend for ONLY £30 EACH
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Alternatively: drop-in to any session for £15 per person, or £12 each with a friend!!! Discounts all round ~ share event with a mate and email to reserve a place now!
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The hall we use is close to the city centre, not far from the Grafton, with drinking water and toilets available. Hoops will be provided, and on sale at the end of the session. Our hall is right by the bus stop near the big roundabout on the left hand side of Newmarket Road leaving town.

There are some excellent tricks on the line up for this course including...
~The two-beat weave
~Spinning 2+ hula hoops on your body!

INTERMEDIATE OR ADVANCED: join this course to practice with guidance from local award-winning hoop artist, Electric Chesh! You will receive coaching on keeping your plains tidy, creating sequences, and even get feedback on your routines if you so require. Cambridge Hoopers is very much open to those already at a performance level. Email to tell us what you need!
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Don't miss out: please email to book your place at
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About the Summer Hula Hooping Programme 2018...
This programme is running until mid August, consisting of numerous workshops and courses created for you to specialise in the unique art of hula hooping. Like and follow Cambridge Hoopers to keep updated.