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Sailors spin right round in hula hoop competition

Sailors at HMS Sultan took part in a Hula Hoop Challenge in Portsmouth UK, seeing how long they could keep the hoops spinning.

They were all fundraising for The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

The event was organised by Leading Physical ...

How To Avoid Suffering From Heat Stroke/Exhaustion

As someone that has suffered Heat Stroke I would like to offer you some advice on how to avoid it. As hoopers we often spend long hours hooping in the sunshine, either joining in with or teaching workshops. We leap ...

Hula Hooping makes number 4 in recent poll

Hula Hooping 4th in recent Poll.

A recent poll by Ice-cream giant Wall's has put Hula Hooping in 4th place after it asked 2,000 adults their happiest 1980s childhood memories. Top of the charts was the Sindy doll, followed by My ...